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Dogydine™I High Quality dog feeder

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Dogydine™| High quality dog feeder adjustable in 3 different heights


Do you also want only the best for your pet? Do you want your four-legged friend to have a nice place to eat and drink? With the Dogydine™ you can easily create the ideal feeding spot! From now on you make sure that your pet can enjoy his or her food and drink in a comfortable position. A good position ensures good digestion and moreover the dog will be able to enjoy his or her food in a much calmer way.



  Did you know that a good posture of your pet is positive for digestion? Adjust the correct height of the platform so that your dog can easily reach the feeding bowls. When the pet's back remains completely horizontal it can eat much more comfortably and calmly. The bowls can be removed from the tray very easily for filling, emptying or cleaning.


Why are animal lovers so crazy about Dogydine™?


Ergonomic - Because you can adjust the height of the platform you ensure that your dog's back and muscles are not overloaded. An ergonomic position has a positive influence on the digestion of your four-legged friend.

Easy to clean -
Both the tray and the bowls are easy to clean with water. So you can just rinse them under the tap!


Non-Slip - The bottom of the adjustable tray has a sturdy non-slip surface. This keeps the tray firmly on the ground and will not shift as your pet enjoys his or her meal.

Stylish - The Flexdine™ has a luxurious look and feel and is available in black and gray to fit any interior.

Product Specifications

Dimensions of tray: 44cm x 28cm/ max height:29cm
Dimensions of feeders: diameter of 200mm
Material platform: plastic
Material of feeding troughs STAINLESS STEEL
Available colors: black & grey


The Dogydine™ package consists of:

1x height adjustable tray
2x bowls